West Campus Links

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AAA Math
A Plus Math


Tesselation tutorial

Create a Graph

Multiplication Facts Quizzes

Division Facts Quizzes

Khan Academy

Math Play

Math Magician

7th Grade IXL

8th Grade IXL


6th Grade Spelling

Sitton Spelling and Word Skills


American Folklore
Grammar Blast
A Grammar Gorilla


A Paint by Idioms


Tagxedo Word Cloud\



Media Studies

Cybersense or Nonsense

Public Service Announcement

It takes ONE

Top Secret

Netsmarz - Netiquette


The Hubble Telescope
The Planets
Astronomy Picture of the Day

Building Big
Basic Bridge Types
Information on Bridge Types
All About Bridges
Compound Machines
Simple Machines
Weather Information and Games

Weather Questions

Sky Diary

FEMA for kids

Kivalina, Alaska

Extreme Weather

Weather Eye

Web Weather for Kids

World Weather

Land a Rocket on a Planet


Edkins Educational &Interactive
Index Page
Typing Practice


Physical Education/Health
Log It-Online Pedometer
Get Active, Stay Active
American Heart Association
Renewal and Wellness

Fuel Up to Play 60



Idea Mapping

Know A Word

Free Rice


Google Sketchup

Recipe to Success

Google Earth Video




Social Studies

Civil War –Grand Rapids Veterans Home

Formations and Ranks in Civil War Units
Civil War soldier research

The History Place -US Civil War
Civil War Photos

Common Civil War Medical Terms

Middle Ages resources
Medieval Times


The Rosetta Stone
Hieroglyphic Typewriter
Treasures of Tutankhamun Gallery

Plymouth Plantation
The First Thanksgiving
Latin America:Explore by Destination/Activity
Adventure Life - Latin America
Internet Public Library - Latin America
Latin American Geography
Volcanoes Online - Central America
Cultures of the Andes - Pictures
The Amazon
Journey into Amazonia

Amazon Rainforest Indigenous People

People of the Amazon Rainforest

Yanomami Indians

A People at Risk: Yanomami of Brazil

Afghanistan and the War



Cruise Direct

Travel Solutions

Adventure Life



Bible Gateway

Follow the Rabbi


How Would You Run the Country?  

Time For Kids -Elections

Secrets About the Presidents  

The Democracy Project







Dance Mat Typing 


Typing Practice


Typing Test




Typing Club


Cup Stacking


Typing Game



Mini Econ Signup

Google Docs Menu/Toolbars

Google Docs “What Is It?”

Google Docs “Formatting”

Google Docs “Inserting Images”

Google Sheets How Tos

Slides video  .png and animation