3rd Grade Links



Addition Facts Quizzes

Subtraction Facts Quizzes

Multiplication Facts Quizzes

Division Facts Quizzes

AAA Math

Fun Brain

Natural Library of Virtual Manipulatives


Character Scrapbook

Social Studies

Egypt Name Translator


Write Your Name in Ancient Script

Africa - Zoom School

Earth Keeping

Recycle City


Recycle Webquest 


Recycle Symbols


Meaning of Recycle Symbols


Earth Day


Washington DC

Map for Brochure


Washington DC Monuments/Memorials


Arlington National Cemetery

Washington DC Map

The White House for Kids

The Vietnam Veterans Virtual Wall

Photos of Vietnam Veterans Wall

The Smithsonian Institute


Dance Mat Typing

Desert Typing Racer



Biomes and People Groups Who Live There
What's It Like Where You Live?

Life of a Nurse Log
Enchanted Learning - Biomes
Build a Prairie



BrainPop asteroids

Space Place
Planet 10
The Planets
The Solar System
The Big Blue Marble
Science Clips - Keeping Warm
Science Clip - Changing Sounds
Science Clips - Liquids & Solids
Gas, Liquid, Solid particles


Simple Machines
Edheads - Simple Machines Activities.
InventorsToolbox: The Elements of Machines

Timeline Creation

World of Folktales

Digital Etiquette

Lemonade Stand